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Introducing Contactless Food & Beverage Kerbside Pick Up

Contactless Kerbside Pick Up* is our new food & beverage, contactless pick up service, now available at Greenfield Park Shopping Village.

Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, we wanted to provide a solution which was safe for both our customers and retailers. Making it easier to purchase the items you need while practicing social distancing.

There are no additional fees or cost associated with Contactless Kerbside Pick Up*

Simply follow the steps to place an order from participating retailers below and collect your order from the designated, contactless pick up point from the comfort of your vehicle.


Maison Coffee

Step One:  Order online at maisoncoffee.com.au or Call 9610 1302 to place an order.
Step Two:  Drive by to collect your order from our designated area marked in car park at the pre-arranged pick up time. Maison Coffee will confirm the pick up location at the time of ordering.
Step Three: Pay Online/EFTPOS or via cash when you pick up

Click here to view the menu or order online.

Availability:  7am to 3pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm Saturday to Sunday


If you have any additional questions, please contact Centre Management on 02 9804 6066  or the participating retailer/s directly.

*Contactless Kerbside Pick Up depends on the terms and conditions and operating time of each store.