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Manāqīsh House

Manāqīsh or in singular form man’ousheh Arabic: مناقيش‎ manāqīsh; is a delicious homemade flatbread pizza topped with oregano, ground meat, spinach, sujuk (a dry spicy sausage) or cheese. Whatever the topping this is truly breakfast food of champions.

Manaqish House have just opened their doors at our newly refurbished centre at Greenfield Park Shopping Village shop 2, 3-5 Greenfield Road Greenfield Park

With a modern take on a timeless classic this will prove to be a hit with the locals. Manaqish House stands out in a crowded market place when it comes to quality of food and shop design.

Also serving Di Stefano coffee which is perfect with one of their many homemade sweets they have on offer. Arkan and his team are there 7 days a week from 7:30am.